Let’s Forget About Ourselves

There have been some wonderful praise and worship songs written over the course of my Christian life. I remember immediately after I was saved in 1979 there was a very popular song sung in a lot of the churches. Back in the 70’s and 80’s we often sang:

“Let’s forget about ourselves, and magnify about the Lord and worship Him.”

It’s a great attitude to bring with you on Sunday morning: Today, I’ll forget about me, what I want and what I think I need, and I’ll focus instead on giving God the honor He deserves.

When you come with this attitude, it doesn’t matter if the musicians play the wrong notes or the worship leader chooses the wrong songs, because you’re not to here to be blessed, you’re here to be a blessing. You’re not here to just get another shot in the arm that will hopefully help you make it through another hectic week. You’re not here to be entertained, you’re here to lift up His holy name. It’s all a matter of priorities and motives when it comes to being able to experience God-centered, Christ-exalting worship.

The paradox of worship is that the less you think about what you’re getting out of it, the more you tend to get out of it. There’s something emotionally satisfying about losing yourself in the adoration of God.

By the way, it’s also a good attitude to take with you between Sundays: Today isn’t about me or my expectations; today is about worshiping God and serving others. That kind of Christ-centered attitude will definitely get you through another hectic week!

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