I don’t know about you, but once in a while I love to grab a quarter-pounder w/ cheese and fries at McDonalds. The tagline to one of McDonald’s ad campaign is “Think With Your Mouth.” I suppose it’s another way of saying “Forget about calories; if it tastes good, eat it.” Probably not the best nutritional advice you’ll hear today.  However, when it comes to what we say, the slogan works.

We have a tendency to speak first and think second, causing us to say things we don’t really believe: “This situation is out of control… Nothing good can come of this … Nothing ever works out … There’s no point in trying”… and so on. Well you get the idea.

We’re like the people of Israel who offended God with their words in Malachi 3. We criticize and complain. We talk defeat and despair. We say things that couldn’t possibly be true, not if we serve all-powerful, loving God.

We need to learn think with our mouths — to speak out words of faith. “God is in control. He has a solution and it’s on its way. This will work out for the best, because he causes all things to work out for the best. He will guide me through me my fear and uncertainty, and lead me each step of the way.” And so on. No we are not talking about just practicing “positive confession”, “name it and claim it” as a way to change your situation in life. Rather, we are talking about talking differently because our attitude has changed about our situation in life.

 Before you blurt what you don’t believe, stop. Think with your mouth. Speak God’s Word first.


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