God Never Shuts Down

As our nation goes through this time of political wrangling over the government “shut-down”, I’m so thankful our God will never “shut down”. He is ever present there with us offering His grace and mercy to our lives each day. He continues to care and love us, in spite of ourselves, at times when we are not even faithful to Him.

“if we are faithless, He remains faithful” 2 Timothy 2:13 13

I’m blessed by the fact that God will never run out of resources with which to bless His children. We will never come to a point when God does not allow us to view the beauty of His creation. To look into the blackness of the night sky only to see millions of stars reminding us of His vast handiwork. We will never be roped off from the presence of God since we have gained access through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. God will never leave us without support. It doesn’t matter what our present circumstances are, He will always be there for us, through prosperous times, and through real hardship. We can be satisfied with what we have when we know who we are in Christ. When we know that, despite what we may lack in worldly possessions, we will know that God will never give us up. He will never fail us or leave us helpless. He promises that.

“I will not leave you or forsake you.” Joshua 1:5

If you are going through a hard time right now, just know that God has not abandoned you – He is with you every step of the way – and He will bring you through. Our Lord has promised this to us, That He will never leave, fail or give us up. Our God never shuts down.

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