The Urgent Mission

A General sent for a soldier and gave him an urgent mission: ‘Take this message to the frontline as quick as you can.’  The soldier saluted the General and ran in double-time to complete his mission. After 5 kms he came across an old man sitting exhausted by the road who yelled: ‘Hey Digger, these food packs need to get to the front and my weary bones are too tired.’  The helpful soldier loaded them in his pack and resumed his journey at a fast walk.

It wasn’t long before he met a nurse aiding a wounded man.  ‘Soldier,’ she called. ‘I have medical supplies that are urgently required at the frontline. Can you take them?’  He again loaded up then continued at a slower pace. Many kilometres later the weary soldier came across a truck with a flat tyre.  The driver called out: ‘Lend us a hand, Dig – these rifles and ammunition are needed immediately at the front.’  Again the tired soldier added to his load and trudged on.  Just when the frontline came into view, the soldier fell to his knees and collapsed unconscious on the ground – the burden was too great.

A day later, the General came by and revived him.  ‘Soldier, why didn’t you complete your mission?’  The soldier replied weakly: ‘I couldn’t – my load was too great.’  The General looked at all the supplies the soldiers was carrying and said: ‘I didn’t ask you to carry all these things.  Your mission was to get an important message to the frontline.  Everyone was to retreat immediately.  As honourable as your intentions were, soldier, you have failed your mission.  Lives that could have been saved are now lost.’

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might”
Eccesiastes 9:10

God has individually and collectively given us private missions.  In today’s Christian climate it is easy to become overloaded with other people’s missions.  One of the hardest things to do is to say ‘no’ to various worthy opportunities of service – so our personal
mission can be fulfilled. Just make sure the reason you are saying “no” to some form of ministry is because you are saying “yes” to what called has called you to do.

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