Are Your Keys Lost, Or Are You?

“seek, and you will find” Matthew 7:7

As I get older, my memory just isn’t the same. I rationalize to myself I have so much more to remember, that it takes a couple seconds longer to look through all those file cabinets in my head. But simple things seem to fall through the cracks of my mind. One of my solutions is to put small items in the same place so I will definitely be able to remember. Well, you guessed it—at times I forget where or what that special place is. So are they really lost, or am I?

For example, when I am searching for my keys, it is because my keys are not in the right place. I put them in a different place than usual, or a wrong place. They are not really lost. They are in the specific place I put them. I just can’t remember where. Take another example: our family visit to Washington, D.C. After a long day of sightseeing, you guessed it, we couldn’t remember where we parked the car. It’s not the car that’s lost. We were the ones who were lost!

Let’s apply this spiritually. We search for the Truth but not because the Truth is lost. We search for the Truth because we are lost. God calls us to seek and find Him. Our search is mainly for comfort, peace, love, happiness and value—things God is able to give and wants to abundantly give us. Unfortunately, instead of going to God for one-stop shopping, we search in many other places and activities for the desires of our hearts.

We try to find relief in work, computers, food, caffeine, relationships, kids, grown-up toys, getting ahead, sex, alcohol, sleep, isolation, drugs, power and control. But we are looking in the wrong places. We search because we are lost. God isn’t lost. He is in the same place all the time. You’ll find Him in His word, through prayer, and as He orchestrates your circumstances to direct you back on track to find Him. Where is your own search leading you? Let the word of God overflow in your mind and spirit: “Seek and you will find”; “I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Today, if you are searching for anything other than His Truth, it’s time for a route correction. It’s just like the GPS saying, “recalculating.” Identify what you are searching for today. Start by writing down the activities of your day. Are you pursuing these activities to meet your needs instead of pursuing God? Are these activities the ones God would prescribe for your treatment plan? Be honest and examine why you’re not looking to God first to get unlost—you know, found—to fill some of your desires the right way today. Whether you actively search for God’s truth or you are content settling for empty frauds, it’s your decision, so choose well my friend.

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