God Is Still Counting Through Addition

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit .
Matthew 28:19

No one would argue the fact that numbers are a big part of scripture. I’m not talking about numerology or finding hidden codes on the pages of scripture. I’m just speaking of the obvious. From the concept of one as a unity of one God which is expressed in the opening lines of the first profession of faith found in Scripture. From the five smooth stones that David found in the creek to Jesus feeding the 5,000; numbers are apparent throughout Scripture. There is even an entire book of the Bible titled “Numbers.”

Now with that being said, please know we are not ALL about numbers here at GBC, but we do recognize that numbers do matter. We may not be counting heads every Sunday and our mission does not change solely based on how many people show up each week. But it is our desire to see God use our fellowship to reach out to a lost and dying world with a life changing message that brings people to Christ adding to His church.

Math is also all about numbers. Without numbers, we couldn’t add, subtract or do any of those extensive trigonometry problems that we all love so much. So let’s look at the relationship between numbers, math and God? Basically, math and numbers matter to God. And it all starts with the number one.

God works supernaturally through the church to add to His equation. He uses people like you and me to reach others and bring them into His family-one person at a time. God could easily snap His finger and have a church filled with thousands of people appear, but that is not how He works. It all goes back to the power of one. Each one of us, reaching out to one heart and one soul at a time with a message of hope, grace and forgiveness through Christ.

This week, remember that math is important to God and that you are a major factor in His addition. God has added you and He wants to use you to help add more. But it’s all about adding one at a time. You have to be willing to go out while living a life that represents Christ and be ready to share the gospel with those God leads you to. Help add to His equation and invite someone to church with you. Show them that numbers do matter and that God is still counting-one life at a time.


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