“For I do not forget Your commandments.”
Psalm 119:176

Where did I leave those car keys? What time was I supposed to be at the school for my Parent Teacher Conference? Did I shut off the computer before I left the house? Whose birthday is coming up? What is the name of that song I can’t get out of my head? When is that bill due? Do I know that person who just waved at me? Is my phone’s ringer turned on or off?

How many things have you forgotten just today? How about this past week? What about this last month? Or what have you forgotten over the course of this new year? Chances are, you can’t even remember what you’ve forgotten! Why? Because we’re forgetful creatures, and we need help remembering a lot of what happens in life.

It’s one thing to forget where you put your keys or the name of a song, but what about God’s Word? What about the eternal truths and principles that have been graciously given and taught to us in the Bible so we can live according to God’s will? That’s much more serious! If we forget something like that, it can lead to a bad decision resulting in a lifetime of consequences.

My hope is that in this new year you will resolve to remember those things that God wants to reinforce in your heart. Biblical principles that deal with everyday life decisions. And as that happens, I pray they become a part of your character each and every year of your life.

With that being true, the bible does instruct us to forget some things. We will take a look at that next week.

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