The All-Sufficient One!

“I am the Almighty God! Walk before Me and be perfect.” Genesis 17:1

Abraham was now grown old; he had known the Lord for many years; he had endured many trials — but many more lay before him; and the Lord appears to his aged servant, and reveals Himself as, “The all-sufficient One.”

God, being identified and defined as self-sufficient, means He possesses within Himself every quality, ability, and supernatural command with never-ending measure. Every attribute or mighty and wonderful power is His endlessly. God wants for nothing and lacks nothing; He is complete.

This was to comfort him amidst all the infirmities of old age, and to cheer him in the winter of life. The God who had always sustained, directed, and comforted him — now manifests peculiar sympathy and tender love. Aged believers should especially mark the kindness of the Lord, and look to Him for sympathy and grace in the decline of life. 

“I am the Almighty God!”

The title was intended to strengthen the faith of Abraham; he had wavered, the Lord intended to try his faith yet more; a promise was given — but everything appeared to oppose its fulfillment; yet the all-sufficiency of God was to be the stay and support of his faith. “Is any thing too hard for the Lord?” Look at His wisdom — it is infinite! Look at His power — it is omnipotent! He is the all-sufficient.

Christian, see what the character of your God is: He is Almighty — and will you fear? He is all-sufficient — and will you give way to gloomy foreboding? Christian, see what He requires of you:

1. That you walk before Him, as always beneath His eye, in His presence, and under His gracious protection.
2. That you be sincere, open, upright; be just what you profess to be.
Your God hates deception. He abhors trickery. He will punish hypocrisy. Let your life be the faithful index of your heart. S
ay just what you mean — and do what you say.

Live each day for His glory!

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